New hiccup on getting trailer here

Yesterday I learned that (in Texas at least) my vintage Spartan trailer is classified as a manufactured home because of its size, 10′ x 50′. If it were smaller (roughly 8′ x 40′ or less; no one could tell me the cutoff), it would be classified as a travel trailer, and I’d just need to get a license plate.

So I have to get a Texas title through the Dept. of Housing and Community Affairs rather than dealing with the Dept. of Motor Vehicles. I have to send them a copy of the mover’s permit, a copy of my new title, a two-page form, and a $90 check.

And then it takes 15 business days to process.┬áSo…it will be 3 more weeks minimum before we can get it rolling.

That was disappointing. We were almost ready to roll.

And…once it arrives, the hookups to utilities, and maybe more, need to be inspected by a licensed manufactured home inspector.

I understand the state has an interest in its residents living in decent housing, in these big trailers being transported by licensed transporters who know what they’re doing, and in making sure people have access to decent water and sewer/septic facilities.

It probably puts a dent in the colonia problem along the border, where poor people live in rural settlements without running water or sewer/septic systems. There, it’s a public health issue.

To me, it’s more bureaucracy. The simple life is not so simple.

The good news? The manager of the trailer park shared with me her vision for a trailer park where the residents practice green living. She wants to get more like-minded people who are committed to creating wildlife habitat, gardening and landscaping organically, reducing/reusing/recycling, and composting.

If living greenly in a trailer appeals to you, email me and I’ll give you location and contact information.

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