Trailer update

Lots going on… written and practical exams at massage school yesterday. I did okay, maybe better than okay. My skills are improving. I’m doing one or more outside massages a week.

In the trailer, I’m painting the dark paneling a buttery yellow and the kitchen cabinets a lovely dark green, and those colors are looking really good together. Need to find new cabinet knobs since some are missing — maybe I’ll have uppers and lowers different. I really liked the original (?) knobs but can’t find any to match.

Ian finished the new tub surround and installed birch paneling on the bathroom walls yesterday. I kept the pink bathtub.

Once he got the tub set up, he discovered that the tub drain leaks underneath the trailer, so he’ll have to open up the metal bottom to access and fix it. This is the fourth or fifth leak he’s fixed.

Today he put down the vapor barrier, underlayment, and marmoleum tiles on the bathroom floor.

Still to come: installing the vanity and trim. The bathroom will be almost completely redone and will be much nicer than I found it.

I hope to move in next week after the bathroom is finished, new cork flooring is laid, and I get a new refrigerator. I’m so looking forward to spending my first night in my trailer! I took a little nap today in the bedroom after Ian and his helper left, lying on a yoga blanket on the floor. It felt really good.

The trailer has needed more work than I anticipated, which translates to me needing to get a job. I’m going to look for part-time work. I’m in school three days a week and need to work around that. A part-time technical writer job would be ideal, especially if I can telecommute.

2 thoughts on “Trailer update

  1. For some reason, I wasn’t able to access the photos, and I’m dying to see them. Can you tell me how to see them? I clicked (to no avail) on every link that looked even half-way promising.

    Where in the world did you find this model?

    Marian McWhorter


    • Marian, try joining the sister Yahoo group to the forum, Spartantrailercoaches2. It’s where members of the forum post photos. I put up an album titled 1959 Spartan Carousel back in July before the remodeling really got underway. I will update it with new photos soon. I’m living in it but still have a major front door problem to resolve.

      The main group is very helpful. You can introduce yourself, and if anyone else has a 1955 RM, or just an RM, they will “talk shop” with you.

      I found this trailer online at It was posted for months before I bought it. I fell in love with it and was lucky enough to be able to get it!


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