Trailer photos: bathroom and floors

Stopped by my trailer after class today. Wow, the bathroom is nearly done, and much of the cork flooring has been laid! A couple of friends stopped by to check it out, too. It’s fun to show it off.

Here are the latest photos. You see the new vanity and birch paneling in the bathroom (I want to replace all the old paneling with this eventually, reinsulating as I go), the marmoleum floor in the bathroom (and my foot), the cushy gorgeous cork flooring and register and yellow wall in the living room, the tub surround that Ian put in, and the connections for 3 hanging light fixtures over the counter in the kitchen.

I’m thinking about some green glass pendant lights I saw at Lowe’s. Check back for future photos — I may change my mind.

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6 thoughts on “Trailer photos: bathroom and floors

    • I know! I was wearing my VFFs yesterday when I visited my trailer, and when I took them off, I could really feel the “give” of the cork, that slight cushiness. We put down a cork underlayment too. And it will be nice and warm in the winter. I’m ready for some barefoot living!


    • Thanks, Paige! I looked for a 54″ white bathtub but couldn’t find one locally, and the shipping cost as much as the tub, so I decided the pink tub could stay. It has no chips (unlike the lavatory and kitchen sink), and it’s unique. It clashes a little with the floor color, but I’ll find a rug that will pull those colors together.


  1. I have a fantasy that I’ll find one of these that’s someone been impeccably preserved, with all the pink fixtures in tact. The cork flooring and birch walls really look nice. Have you figured out what kind of window treatments you’re going to have for all those windows?


    • I hope your fantasy comes true, Paige! I’m researching window coverings. I’m liking sliding panels for the sliding glass door, perhaps ceiling-to-floor curtains for window wall. Maybe some top-down cellular shades for other windows. For now I have sheets and blankets tacked up!


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