Now living in my Spartan trailer!

It’s Tuesday morning, and my class at massage school is covering Ethics this morning and Body Mobilization Techniques III this afternoon.

I will not be there this morning and maybe not in the afternoon. I’ve been fighting a sore throat since Sunday night and decided to take at least half a day to rest and let my immune system work. Drinking water with lemon and warm throat coat tea, and gargling with salt water, will help.

So will meditation, a little slow yoga (surya namaskar as usual and today a shoulder stand) and maybe even going back to sleep.

Love using that hypnagogic state of falling asleep to support healing. I could also use “the visor.”

I’m pretty sure that the extra stress of remodeling and moving while going to massage school three days a week, seeing my granddaughter off to live with her dad for this school year, and a freelance writing job have taxed my resources. Not that I didn’t want to fully be there with all I’ve got for any bit of it!

It’s just a lot. I have compassion for myself.

I am so grateful to my friends (Colleen, Sherrol, Thomas, Barbara, Noah) who have volunteered to take a car- or truck-load of stuff from the House of Change or my storage unit to my trailer. It’s made moving nearly painless.

But the moving isn’t complete yet — still have a shelf unit and a couple of tables to move here, antique furniture to move to my daughter’s storage unit, and a big file cabinet to move to the House of Change — but I want to be done moving this week. Just need two more truck loads for the big stuff, and the move will be DONE.

It feels great to be living in the trailer. (It needs a name. Hmm. Maybe I’ll do a poll on this blog, but not today.)

Mango stayed up Saturday night exploring the trailer while I slept. Yesterday I went to class, leaving him here with my handyman Ian and his helper. When I got home after dark, Mango escaped. I was concerned but decided not to get too worried. He came back after an hour. Relieved.

I think he’s going to love this place!

Work remains — baseboards, hanging lights, arranging furniture, recycling boxes. When I moved out of my house, I couldn’t visualize what would fit in this trailer. Now that I’m here, I see that I kept too much stuff.  I’ll be selling, giving away, and donating the stuff that doesn’t fit.

I need to buy or make a bookshelf to fit a certain space.

I need to replace the replacement sliding glass doors at the entry with something that’s functional — before the refrigerator I ordered gets here in the next two weeks, because it won’t fit through the back door.

And then there’s a deck for the new front entry. Floor level in this trailer is about 3.5 feet above the ground.

I need a part-time job to offset these expenses…

Okay, that’s enough of my never-ending To Do list!

I’m living in my Spartan Carousel trailer, in a sweet little hidden trailer park, living the life changes I imagined and manifested less than a year ago.


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