Spartan Carousel for sale (and it’s not mine)

A reader just sent me a link to another Carousel that’s for sale. These don’t come on the market often. I still don’t know how many were actually made (and how many are still around). Judging by the serial number, mine was the eleventh one made in 1959.

Check it out here:

I don’t know any more than what I saw and read here, so if you want more information, please contact the seller.

Laura, thank you so much for letting me know about this. I’ve gotten at least a half dozen inquiries asking where you can buy one. Here’s an answer.

So if you are impressed with this real once in a lifetime opportunity to own a superb and ultra rare Spartan Carousel, please contact Robert at for more photos or call him at 916-222-2613 with any questions.


Update on 3.24.2013: I no longer post anyone’s ads selling Spartan trailers. Sometimes they’re bogus, and I don’t have time to check them out.

There are several vintage trailer sites where you can advertise or check out what’s on the market. People also do nationwide searches of Craigslist looking for them, or so I hear. Good luck buying and selling Spartans!


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