Wellness newsletter and private appointments

Would you like to subscribe to my quarterly newsletter? It includes inspiration, invitations, self-care practices, embodiment exercises, and wellness news you can use.

If so, please send an email to mareynolds27@gmail.com with SUBSCRIBE in the subject line, and I will add you to my email list. You will only get this quarterly newsletter, from which you can easily unsubscribe. Thank you!

I also offer have a private healing arts practice in Austin, Texas. I focus on bodywork, where people typically stay clothed, and instead of just feeling relief from pain or stress, they also experience themselves in a new way.

Some descriptors my clients have used after a session with me include:

  • being more organized, more coherent
  • being lighter on my feet, more grounded, more solid, in my body
  • moving with effortless ease
  • having better posture, aligned
  • feeling expanded, less stuck, more freedom
  • feeling more confident

My most transformative work comes out of Chinese medicine and osteopathic manual therapy, which optimizes people’s systems and balances them.

I’ve also trained in multiple other techniques and can integrate them into sessions as each client needs. For instance, I help people with jaw and mouth issues, concussions, knots in the necks, energy cysts, and much more.

For more info or to book an appointment online, please check out my website.

Please click here to like my Facebook business page.

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