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Note: If you’re seeking craniosacral biodynamics or TMJ Relief bodywork, let me to redirect you to my business website, maryannreynolds.com.

My blog is about wellness, well-being, and wholeness, however they show up in our bodies, minds, hearts, and/or spirits (which of course aren’t separate at all), as good share-worthy information appears in my life in various forms, from articles on the latest scientific findings, to spirituality, recipes, poems, book reviews, film reviews, my personal musings, and more, and as I have time.

I started this blog at the tail end of 2009 to reinforce my intent to practice sitting daily in 2010. Later I began adding posts on other topics related to well-being. I renamed the blog and gave it a new look as well.

There is no master plan except to participate in the healing of us all. I’m making it up as I go along, sharing what inspires and motivates and informs and expands me, with you, the interesting and interested people who find this place in the vastness of the Internet.

Thank you for your interest.

I love blogging and would do (and have done) it for free. I actually pay WordPress not to run ads on my blog (although that may have changed now in 2022 — I’ll investigate because ads are super annoying.) .

I make a small percentage of sales made when readers click links on this blog to buy products on Amazon.com, which helps in a tiny way to offset my time and expenses. The time I spend researching, writing, and editing is given freely.

I love getting comments on my blog posts!

I write in solitude while imagining real people sharing my interest in what I post. To actually get relevant feedback from a real person who connected with something I’ve posted feels sweet. 

So… If you have something interesting to say about a post, please comment. Comments are moderated and approved if relevant. (I do get a LOT of spam, which I discard.)

All of your commenting, liking, sharing, subscribing, friending, and following expands my network of readers. You let me know that I’m not alone here, that something I’ve written has connected with another human being. That means something to me.

I love knowing that I’ve connected in a positive way. It’s meaningful and gratifying. I appreciate you being here.

15 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Hello


    A moment that can happen at any time.
    when everything falls into place,
    clarity is at it’s clearest,
    confusion transforms into oneness
    and when fate…
    Welcomes you with open arms.


  2. I have just had this flu! The ankle thing was constant and annoying but I hadn’t thought why It was happening. I will try the thymus thumps as I’m not back to full strength yet and have soooh much to do, hoping your move and recovery go well
    Peta x


  3. I’ve accidentally found your site and I LOVE it. It speaks my language and experiences/thoughts and has much stuff around my own experiences cobbling together how I think the body (myself) works in relationship to trauma. YAY that this arena is progressing like it is and that people are talking/sharing about it. 10 years ago all there was was waking the tiger (whcih is still great, but not enough) Look forward to reading your blogs. Rachel, New Zealand.


  4. Rachel, thanks so much for leaving that inspiring comment! Come back any time, comment on anything you like, and I’d love to hear your trauma recovery story (whether for publication or not).

    I agree, there’s much more awareness of the toll trauma takes and more knowledge and assistance available for recovery than there ever has been before. The more we talk and write about it, the faster that happens!


  5. Your blog is really fantastic… chock full of coolness and about random stuff. I really love that! Some blogs focus on one unilateral concept, but yours boasts a little taste of everything. I enjoy your yogic mind and love how you cultivate goodness.

    This brings me to the reason I found your blog. You actually subscribed to one of mine, called Master Mud Mama! I ended up orphaning that blog abandoning it for a newer one that you are welcome to check out, albeit still new, at http://www.harvesthappiness.weebly.com. What’s totally ironic about finding you, even if you did find me first, is that we have similar interests including yoga, spirituality, and more importantly, the emphasis on having fun! Life is a playground!

    I am totally excited about finding your blog, or you finding mine or the universe helping each of us find the other… you know what i mean. The more cultivating of good thoughts the better!

    On a separate note, there is another blog I think you would be interested in by Amy Krause Rosenthal. Visit http://www.whoisamy.com. Check out her “beckoning of the lovely” link. Super fantastic!!!!



  6. Mary Ann your site is awesome as are you. You had sent me an asnwer to my question about the childrens book Making a Difference Starfish on the Beach yesterday. You stated that you added the links however I could not find the link. Could you redirect me please. Thanks so much and I will be a follower.


  7. Janet, go to the original post and the links I added should appear near the top. Another reader included a different link in the comments at the end. If they don’t appear, try refreshing your browser because it may be showing you a cached page. If that doesn’t work, please let me know, and I’ll email you the links. Thanks for following, Janet!


  8. Mary Ann – Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking a post. Very much enjoyed visiting yours. Best of luck in your quest. You seem to be in a mental place to succeed.


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