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Free Zero Balancing? Discounted craniosacral therapy? Read on! From MaryAnn Reynolds, MS, LMT, BCTMB. Thanks from my heart for making my work possible.


The view out the window in my new office.

Free Zero Balancing!

Everyone (well, almost) likes free bodywork, right? I’m just back from Zero Balancing II training in San Antonio, where I deepened my knowledge, got lots of supervised practice and feedback, and refined my technique.

Now I’m bringing it back to you.

For the uninitiated, with Zero Balancing the focus is on your bones and chi. Sessions are 30 minutes. You keep your clothes on. No oils or creams are involved. I evaluate and treat, and afterwards, you check in with your body and notice what you notice.

Let’s do an experiment. Without changing anything, check in with your body’s sensations right now and notice what you feel. Take a moment to do that. Scan your body from head to foot and foot to head.

Do you notice any discomfort? How is your posture? Do you feel more tightness or achiness on one side or the other? Do you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders? Do you feel centered and grounded? Do you feel stuck physically or energetically? Are you aware of what the constant pull of gravity does to your body?

After a ZB session, you will notice an improvement (unless you live outside of your body, which I suppose is possible). Better, taller, lighter, aligned, younger, freer, nice energy buzz, better posture, better gait, less stressed, more relaxed, flowing, wonderful – these are a few of the words people have used to express how a ZB session makes them feel.

Would you like to experience that?

To make it easy, I’m offering one free Zero Balancing session per person. You can try it for free with absolutely no obligation. If you like it, I’m offering a discount on subsequent sessions and a 3-session package. If it’s not for you, then at least I’ve had a chance to improve my hands-on technique.

I’m also offering a very nice discount on craniosacral therapy sessions and packages, which can be combined with ZB if you like. The details are on my homepage.

These special offers expire at the end of October. This newsletter is going to 224 people. Get in now while you can!

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What recent clients are saying

L.P., 9/9/16, after 60 minutes of the craniosacral 10-step protocol: “I feel lighter…brighter… By tomorrow, you’ll have to put a bushel basket over me so the sun will come up.”

Anonymous, 9/8/16, a week after her first 60-minute craniosacral 10-step protocol session for depression, anxiety, and grief: “I had more emotional stability and better, more positive energy.”

C.R., 8/18/16, after Zero Balancing followed by the craniosacral 10-step protocol for posture and pain: “I had such a feeling of lightness, like I was full of little holes with air blowing through them. It was wonderful.”

L.M., 6/18/16, after an integrative followed by brief Zero Balancing: “I love that she customizes each session for precisely what my body needs. Recently, I received Zero Balancing as the last 5 minutes or so of my hour-long session. Over the next several hours, I noticed my posture was just naturally more erect and aligned – I felt taller!! My bones and joints, especially down my neck and spine – felt centered, as if in the proper place for the first time in a long time. I was pain-free and more flexible, with a much fuller range of motion. I highly recommend her services.”

To read more kind words from happy clients, click this link. Positive reviews and feedback are crucial in helping me sustain my practice. If you’d like to share some kind words about my work (or provide any helpful feedback), please reply to this email. You can also leave reviews on Yelp and Google+.

“If you can sit quietly after difficult news; if in financial downturns you remain perfectly calm; if you can see your neighbors travel to fantastic places without a twinge of jealousy; if you can happily eat whatever is put on your plate; if you can fall asleep after a day of running around without a drink or a pill; if you can always find contentment just where you are: you are probably a dog.” – Jack Kornfield

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Working with forward head posture: Zero Balancing and more

Note from MaryAnn: This is a guest post from someone I’ve known for nearly a decade. Years have gone by without us seeing each other, and then we reconnect, and it’s a happy occasion. She is a wonderful writer with a fascinating and fascinated mind, a perceptive presence, and a wicked sense of humor. We first did a 90-minute craniosacral therapy session with Zero Balancing, and then a 30-minute Zero Balancing session. This is the first in a series of posts about her experience receiving bodywork from me to help relieve her forward head posture and work with anything else that arises. I hope you enjoy reading these posts as we progress.

by Cate Radebaugh

Over the years, I’ve developed forward head posture. Some of it comes from many hours in front of a computer screen, and obesity and self-image issues haven’t helped any. I recently became aware, though, that carrying my head out so far in front of my body is exhausting, and my neck, shoulders, and upper back are so constricted from the constant weight that they never really relax or rest, even in sleep.

So … I went to see my friend MaryAnn Reynolds to find out if she might be able to help. I’ve already said a little about my first visit* and my second was just as interesting. It was a Zero Balancing session. I think Zero Balancing is a really funny name and an even funnier intent, because I already experience moments of what I think of as zero balance and would just as soon not. MaryAnn’s Zero Balancing is different from that. In fact, it seems to be something of antidote. Continue reading

Gravity Pal, a low angle inversion table, makes a difference in a minute a day

I just had the pleasure of taking Zero Balancing II training in my pursuit of skill and finesse in my bodywork practice. Jamie Carmody was an excellent teacher, her lovely San Antonio studio well located, and my fellow students a delight to learn with, practice with, and get to know.

For more about Zero Balancing, go here. I’m getting ready to send out a newsletter with some sweet special offers, including one for Zero Balancing that will be impossible to resist for wellness-seekers in the Austin area. If you’d like to subscribe and get in on this time-limited offer, please send your email address to me at mareynolds27 at gmail dot com.

If you haven’t yet encountered it, you’re probably wondering what Zero Balancing is. My description is that it lets you feel like you’d feel without habitual tension patterns or the constant pressure of gravity pulling you down. Younger? Taller? Lighter? Buzzing with healthy energy? Can you even imagine feeling like this? I invite you to come get a session, or two or three, and find out how it affects your body.

Continue reading

Cashew-tamari-garlic dressing, like Wheatsville’s but even healthier

Austin is blessed by the presence of Wheatsville Food Co-op, an institution that has operated in this fair city since 1976. A food co-op is a business structure that people join by paying a one-time fee. They then become actual owners of the co-op, voting on the board of directors and if there is sufficient profit, receiving rebates. Wheatsville offers its owners special deals, owner appreciation days (10% off any one shopping trip four times a year), is very responsive to requests, and more.

I could go on about Wheatsville and how awesome it is. Local, organic produce and meat, an amazing bulk section — I am so grateful Wheatsville exists, and I’m happy to be a member. Click the link above to learn more, and put a stop there on your to-do list when visiting Austin.

But what I want this blog post to be about is their amazing cashew-tamari-garlic dressing. It is savory amplified ten times. So good. And it’s thick enough to use as a dip that will make kids love to eat their veggies. Continue reading

Quick sweet dessert with raw cacao

Having given up sugar (well, almost), there are those times when I need to satisfy a craving for something powerfully tasty and sweet. Usually it’s post-dinner that I get that feeling that a little something sweet would be satisfying. And my favorite sweets are those that contain chocolate.

So once every couple of weeks when that craving hits, I add these ingredients (all organic if available):

  • raw cacao
  • coconut oil
  • maple syrup

into a small bowl, stirring to mix. Continue reading

I’m moving my private practice!

Update: I’ll be seeing people in the new space starting August 16.


I’m leaving 827 W. 12th Street, where I’ve done my private massage and bodywork practice since October 2012, except for outcalls and occasional work at my trailer.

I’m moving my office to 5524 Bee Cave Road, Suite G1, in Westlake Hills. I’ve been offered an opportunity to relocate to a suite to be shared with two craniosacral therapists whose skills and integrity I greatly admire, Nina Davis and Christian Current.

Workwise, I find myself more drawn toward craniosacral therapy. I start the classical Upledger training in August. I’ve already completed Ryan Hallford’s trainings in classical craniosacral therapy, and the Upledger training will be an expansion on that. I plan to complete Ryan Hallford’s biodynamic training this fall, and I plan to study biodynamic CST with Michael Shea when he returns to Austin next year. Beyond that, there’s more, but my path hasn’t become clear yet. Continue reading

Homemade red cabbage sauerkraut

I just made my second batch of sauerkraut with a head of red cabbage. I’m getting into this, and I will never buy sauerkraut in a store again. It’s so easy and gratifying to make at home.

The first time, I used half a head of green cabbage, wakame (seaweed), and salt. It was good. Not that juicy, so I added a bit of sauerkraut juice from a jar of Bubbie’s!

This time, I used only two ingredients: cabbage and salt, and followed these easy steps: Continue reading

Working from home in the mornings

This morning I got a call from a client I hadn’t seen in a while, wondering if she could get an appointment for bodywork sooner rather than later because she had been experiencing the misery of muscle spasms.

She lives somewhere in south Austin, and I live in Manchaca, and depending on how far south someone lives, it can be more convenient to come to my trailer rather than drive to my downtown studio.  Continue reading

Rebuilding tooth enamel after drinking water with lemon

I wanted to remineralize my tooth enamel after drinking water with lemon and noticing my teeth had become so sensitive it was scary. Drinking it first thing in the morning had softened my enamel, and by brushing my teeth not long after drinking it, I was literally brushing my enamel away.

My previous post from a couple of years ago contains many suggestions on how to drink water with lemon safely, preventing a loss of enamel.

After writing that post, I started researching how I could rebuild my tooth enamel. Now this is not something most dentists will tell you is even possible. There is no hard scientific evidence, and as far as I know, dentists do not receive any training on the effects of diet on teeth except for the connection between sugar and cavities.

Fortunately, one dentist did extensive research. More on him below.  Continue reading

6 weeks of intermittent fasting by a woman

Six weeks ago, I started an intermittent fasting eating schedule. I wanted to lose some belly fat. From what I gleaned on the internet about intermittent fasting, when we go longer than usual without eating, our bodies burn fat for energy instead of the customary fuel source, glucose.

Feeling some hunger is also in line with the experience of most humans throughout history. They put on fat from feasting, and when food was scarce, they felt hungry and burned fat. Hunger was part of their lives, and the human body is designed for occasional fasting.

After reading about various configurations of going without food (some fast 1-2 days a week, some do 12-hour daily fasts, etc.), I decided to go with a 16-hour daily fast, 7 days a week. Breakfast would be the easiest meal for me to skip. I do more physical work in the afternoons and need energy for that, and I enjoy unwinding with dinner. So from 8 pm until noon I would fast. A good chunk of that time, I would be asleep — a natural 8 hour fast. So really, I only had to abstain from eating the first few hours of each day.

Continue reading