Inspired by Derek Sivers and, I’m adding this Now page to my blog, in case you’re wondering what I’m doing now.

I live in Manchaca, an unincorporated settlement just south of Austin, Texas. I live in my  vintage 1959 Spartan Carousel trailer, all 480 square feet of it. I love growing trees, including Montezuma cypress, Mexican buckeye, Celeste fig, Canby oak, redbud, loquat, Arroyo sweetwood, kidneywood, and Shumard oak.

Besides blogging, I enjoy fermenting food and drink like kraut, kombucha, kim chi, and kvass. I spend way too much time online!

I have an office in Westlake Hills, a hilly, wooded, close-in suburb of Austin, where I practice bodywork, including Zero Balancing, craniosacral therapy, and integrative, prenatal, and orthopedic massage.


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