It’s April 2023. I’ve been exploring Biodynamic Meditation, a practice I derived from my training and practice in Craniosacral Biodynamics, designed for the curious people who are motivated to learn and practice self-healing.

I’m working at my bodywork practice in West Lake Hills, an old Austin suburb, doing Craniosacral Biodynamics and TMJ Relief sessions, and also working at West Holistic Medicine in downtown Austin.

Life is good. I am blessed in so many ways, to get to do what I love, to have as much autonomy as I have, to have my dear family and loved ones nearby, and to be able to connect easily with most people one-on-one.

I ask my higher power daily to please help me attract the best opportunities for home, work, love, and health that are in alignment with my highest good, and to have the discernment and wisdom to recognize and make the best decisions.

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