Working with my vata dosha

One of my friends posted on Facebook last night that she was cooking, had an ear out for her baby, was thinking about how to improve her job prospects, wanting to finish a book she was reading, thinking about doing some yoga… Then she added that she was a pure vata Gemini.

I don’t know about being a Gemini–my daughter and granddaughter have a lot of it in their charts, but I don’t (I’m an Aquarius, also an air sign).

I do know about vata, because that’s my dosha too.

If you’re not familiar, doshas are another of those ancient Hindu bits of wisdom. Doshas are kind of like temperament, and there are three of them. Everyone has all three, but one usually predominates.

Balancing the doshas is what ayurveda is about–when our doshas are unbalanced, our health suffers. Diet, yoga, and meditation all play a role in balancing the doshas.

The other two doshas are kapha and pitta. You can google them and read all about them online. I just want to talk about vata.

People in whom vata predominates experience mental quickness and are excitable and irregular in habits. (You may have noticed that I don’t sit at the same time every day.)

Vatas are full of joy and enthusiasm when in balance. Yay!!! In stress, we respond with fear, worry, and anxiety.  😦

“Often have racing, disjointed thoughts.”

This is monkey mind on speed for people who aren’t vatas. It’s like reading unfiltered Twitter, only it’s happening in your head.

For me, at times monkey mind operates too fast to really catch anything. Then the part of me who is witnessing just waits, and eventually monkey mind slows down and gets in sync. I found this skill on my own. It’s a keeper.

It’s important for vatas to know that not everyone has this kind of monkey mind. Some people can easily turn off their internal dialogue.

If you are vata-predominant, “Meditate every day for deep relaxation.”

Okay, I can check that off my list of things to do. I’m doin’ it!

“An effort to establish a regular routine is very important for all people with a vata body type.”

Ooh, I kind of knew that was coming. So… on Monday, I will begin to sit early in the morning. And you and I shall see what difference it may make.

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