Sitting with compassion

Third morning of sitting early. Only had time for 20 minutes; had to get my granddaughter up, dressed, and ready for school. Will pick up the other 10 minutes this evening.

I reset the alarm for earlier. I like getting 30 minutes in.

Yesterday after sitting, I went to my chiropractor, Dr. Chandler Collins, and after testing and doing what I think of as anchoring muscle combinations, he adjusted first my left ilium and then my right.

It seemed like not much moved. The adjustments were small, seemed to be only a couple of millimeters, if that. But then…I noticed feeling stronger when I stood, not like you could knock me over with a feather, which is how I’ve felt since April 25, 1996, the date of a serious car wreck that destabilized my sacrum/pelvis.

Yesterday was a day of getting used to it. Noticing how standing is different, how walking is different, how driving is different. By the end of the day, soreness in new places. Going to sleep, not being able to tell if my neck was crooked. Reorganizing, reorienting.

There are  more adjustments to be done next week. Something to do with the Hamstring Group. (They’re architects, you know. j/k) Another week of keeping my core stable and avoiding torque. And then, maybe he’ll give me some homework and I can really get strong.

Practice today centered on something Peg said on Sunday. I was attempting to convey how my realization that awareness is everything, everything is awareness, was rippling out into my life. How my dislike for certain characters, like Pat Robertson and Baby Doc Duvalier, were parts of my awareness. How I feel some responsibility for the quality of my awareness, and how it doesn’t feel good to feel contempt or scorn toward others.

She said, “Do you know them?”

No. I don’t. I only know what I’ve read or seen or heard about them. I’ve never met them.

Chances are, if I did know them, who they are would of course be different than how I judge them now. I’d know them with breath, voice, movement, energy, a family, relationships, desires, suffering, eye movements, context, filters. They’d be fuller and more complex, not demonized. I could find compassion for them. I would be curious about their awareness and compassion.

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