Healing is a mystery and a delight

This morning, during zazen, I felt energetic pressure across the bridge of my nose. That area might be considered part of the third eye chakra. I’m not sure.

The energy was mildly pleasant and seemed to grow in intensity as I noticed it. It was a kind of light buzz, a slight tingling sensation.

It lasted for awhile — I’m guessing maybe 10 minutes.

Then it departed/my attention moved on. (Which of those came first, I have no idea.)

Later, I noticed it again, feeling lighter and milder than the first time.

The story that came to me about what’s going on is from my cranio-sacral therapist. She commented that our bodies are constantly rewiring themselves, and that rewiring occurs in a process that begins with intense activity, then a pause, and then a new pattern emerges. (My paraphrasing of what she said, don’t recall exact words.)

She said that the process speeds up with yogis and meditators.

So that’s what I think may have been happening. There was a pattern covering the bridge of my nose. That pattern had a burst of energy as it prepared to release. Then a pause, which was the release of the pattern. Finally, a milder sensation in the area, signifying a new pattern.

The story is really pure speculation on my part. I notice that I really want what I experience to make sense. I notice that I enjoy a really good story! I notice that I know it’s a story, and I don’t really know anything.

I don’t have a clue about what the pattern was, when I acquired it, how long I had it, or what experiences it was in connection with. This is often the case.

What’s most interesting to me is that my body/mind knows how to heal, if I get out of the way. And even without a story, the experience unfolds with mystery and delight.


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