What a contrast! Yesterday morning I sat at home on my zafu. Quiet, filtered sounds from birds and traffic.

This morning I sat zazen in a tent. 3-D surround sound — birds (cardinals, woodpecker, and so on), people (mostly male voices), noises of people breaking camp, dogs barking, distance traffic, trains.

For a while, birds were talking in a circle around me.

Meditation enhances my sensory awareness. Sometimes when I’m not sitting, I am surprised by moments of deep presence in a sensory experience.

I experienced that last night, nightwalking through the woods, being aware of moving through living space, alive with moving atoms and particles, through plants emanating a subtle phosphorescence.

Unable to rely on focused vision, yet still being able to walk the winding path through the trees in the dark. In these moments, time runs differently.

In these moments, being alive is simply amazing.

These moments make the pain of sitting worth it.


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