What is this noise, a cross between a whisper and a hum?

My zazen this morning started with a body scan that progressed well with minimal wandering of attention.

Then generally a diffuse, movingĀ attention to my whole body.

And then my attention was drawn to that sound I hear when I meditate and at other times when I focus on it. It seems to be constantly present but something that I usually filter out.

Do others hear this? Does anyone know what this is?

I noticed that it sounds like a cross between a whisper and a hum.

I noticed that it is not a single pure tone. It is a variety of tones in the way that a piece of yarn consists of a variety of fibers twisted together.

At times I noticed energetic pressure — at the entrance to my ear canals, at the point between my eyebrows, and between my brain hemispheres.

I brought it to the foreground of my attention, in essence turning up the volume.

I let the sound fill me, permeating my body, immersing myself in a bath of sound.

Toward the end of my session (not knowing how close I was to the end of the 30 minutes), I felt some pain at the back of my hips. I brought that pain to the foreground of attention, inquiring about it, being with it, finding its center, outlining the area, noticing it shifting.

That’s it for today, folks. Thank you for reading.


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