Opening to possibility, opening my heart

I notice another effect of meditation. I have become more aware of repressing my thoughts, the kind of thoughts that occur to me that I immediately dismiss as impossible.

How do I really know anything is impossible? I don’t. This is definitely something to examine.

We all have internal struggles between freedom and responsibility. Sometimes those struggles can be heroic. I’m thinking of the times when doing the right thing as a parent means foregoing some self-centered pleasure.

Sometimes sacrifice becomes habit. One of my friends identifies herself as an over-functioning adult. That might fit me too.

Meditation has also made me feel more aware of my heart center, of when it feels tender, ┬ávulnerable, and open. Just sitting with my heart center, letting it express whatever energy it’s expressing. Sometimes I don’t know the story, I just feel it.

If it’s too intense, I tap my chest, like in EFT. It helps.


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