Every time I sit, it’s a brand new experience

Looking at meditation like this is very motivating.

Like learning almost anything worth learning, there’s some skill to it. There are obstacles to overcome. Physical discomfort, wandering attention, dullness, boredom.

This is the antidote. Beginner’s mind. Even though I have done this hundreds of times, now I am doing it for the first time this day, with this particular set of experiences, degree of openness, degree of relaxation, experience of compassion, feeling in my body, level of mental activity, expectations.

I have found this way of practicing meditation to be compelling. I wonder what I will experience the next time I sit. I look forward to it.

I notice I notice more. I notice I notice longer without my mind wandering. I notice more in my body. I notice my resistance has lessened. I notice I enjoy sitting more.


Not tonight, but sometime, I plan to write about this quote from Flint Sparks:

Paradox is what reality looks like to the dualistic mind.

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