Six month blog stats

As of today, this blog has received 1,233 views, excluding my own, which averages out to about 7 per day. I’m pleased that you stop by and read!

There are 52 comments, including my responses to readers’ comments. I appreciate hearing from you!

Outside of my home page, the most popular post has been a poem, The Journey, by David Whyte. Next were these posts:

  • Feedback sought on new blog look
  • Trance dance trance
  • Trauma releasing exercises
  • Book influences meditation

What this tells me is that people respond when I invite feedback (thank you!), that readers like it when I connect my sitting practice to other practices like trance dance and trauma releasing exercises, and that you’re curious about books influencing my meditation practice.

Eleven posts have only had one view. (I’ve learned that titles are important. “Awareness and attention” was not a good title.)

By far the most popular referring sites have been Facebook and Twitter. Viewers also find me through Google Reader, from my friend’s blog It Starts TODAY at, and a few other places.

The most popular search term that brought viewers to this blog has been “shoveling snow with buddha,” a Billy Collins poem I posted. Glad the poetry fans are finding me. I take care choosing the poems I post. They have to really resonate with me. They are not just filler – it’s just that sometimes, a poet has said something so well that I experience and yet cannot articulate, or that I would like to experience, that I want to share. The poems posted here are actually shortcuts to an expanded, present state of mind.

Thanks for reading!


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