I skipped meditating this morning…

…and I am really feeling it. Skipped my three sun salutations too, although I did bridge in bed.

I feel really tight across the back of my shoulders. My patienceĀ and equanimity feel thinner too. I am not liking this at all!

I have been really consistent at getting up early, doing a little yoga, and sitting for 30 minutes for several months now. Especially before work. On weekends I cut myself a little slack and do it later, or sit with my sangha for much longer.

Hmm. Perhaps that was the true purpose of skipping out this morning, so I could really notice the difference that yoga and meditation done early in the day affect the rest of my day.

I’m going to close my office door, roll out my mat, and do those sun salutations right now. And even though I don’t have time to meditate, 5 minutes of breathing with awareness will make a big difference.

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