Future home of the International Dream Center

It’s Monday night. Went back to work today after 4 days off for a trip to west Texas. Got home late last night, up early this morning. Right now I’m sensing some space to reflect and write, so here I am.

This travel was full of good memories, of exploring the new-to-me southern route from San Antonio to Fort Davis on US 90 with my friend and travel companion Linaka.

Out in the middle of nowhere we saw an interesting sign: Future Home of the International Dream Center. That in many ways was the theme for the trip, since it seems we all dream ourselves into being, dream the lives we live. We did some great dreaming out there in the Davis Mountains.

Big skies and long views were companions on this trip, so refreshing after the closeness of the city. The drier air and cooler temperatures were welcome too.

Thursday night we spread a tarp on the ground in the driveway of the Chihuahuan Desert Research Institute and faced an impossibly starry sky, with the glowing Milky Way bisecting the ethereal dome. Our friends Keith and Merrie found us there and joined us in screams and laughter every time a meteor blazed across the sky. Friend Vee joined us in our accommodations later, having driven out from Dallas.

Balancing activity with leisure is the art of vacations. We created a picnic and attended a Star Party at McDonald Observatory. That outdoor amphitheater for star-gazing near a mountaintop has got to be one of the great spots in Texas. We also sat around the pool at our “tourist camp” and conversed for hours.

Saturday night, I finally saw the mysterious Marfa lights, on my third attempt. Again, the sky treated us to a great show–not just the mystery lights appearing, disappearing, moving, but also a setting crescent moon turning orange, Mars, Venus, far-off lightning, and again, that Milky Way.

I must not forget to mention I got in a swim in Balmorhea State Park.

On the drive back, Keith and I stopped at Sonora Caverns for a trip 155 feet deep into Pacha Mama, past pristine cave formations.

And yes, I did some sitting! Even dropped in on a yoga class that was a bit more intense than my usual classes. I felt challenged and liked it. Even held bakasana (crane pose), an arm balance, for longer than I ever have before. I shower Linaka with gratitude for being a beginner yogi and taking the class with me.

I feel so blessed to have these friends, this time, this setting, these memories.

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