I’m doing it, I’m teaching yoga!

This week I taught three yoga classes. I substituted for my teacher at my regular Tuesday yoga class. No newbies showed up, so I was teaching mid-beginners, advanced beginners, and maybe even intermediate level yogis.

I brought something to use as a script but ended up winging it.

My pacing was a little off. I started the wind-down a little too early and led them through a lot of twists and an extra-long savasana in order to fill out the hour.

I don’t think they minded.

I’m learning to go with the flow. I notice what people are doing when it’s time to start. Are they lying down, sitting, or standing? I’ll start with what most of them are doing.

I also ask if there’s anything people would like to work on.

The Wednesday night class was the second of my four-class series, Yoga for Novices. It is harder to teach true beginners, especially if they haven’t had dance, Pilates, martial arts, and other similar experiences with their bodies. There are some fundamentals that underly yoga. You teach body awareness, and you break asana down into small chunks.

My teacher helped me teach that class. Her 11-year-old son attended too, and he made it more fun. He is a creative kid. Can’t wait to see what he’ll be like in 6 or 7 years!

The class today was small, and again, I went with the flow. These people have been doing yoga for months or years and are fit. One woman wanted to focus on opening up her shoulders. The others wanted a variety of asanas and some inversions. Everyone got what they wanted.

I had no problem thinking up poses or pacing. I observed the students, and it just came to me what to do next.

I feel happy about this. I’m halfway through my yoga teacher training, and I can teach yoga without a script.

I’ve moved into conscious competence.


2 thoughts on “I’m doing it, I’m teaching yoga!

  1. William, I substitute at a lunchtime class at a state office building when my teacher isn’t there. I will let you know next time I teach.

    Anyone can come to those. You don’t have to work for the state. It’s free when I teach since I’m still in training, $10-12 when Eleanor teaches. It’s in the conference center behind the Robert E. Johnson building at 15th and Congress, northeast corner, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 12-1. Come a little early and stay a little late to help move furniture. Bring a mat. She brings belts and blocks.

    I’m also teaching a 4-week series for yoga novices in my teacher’s home studio. It’s already quite crowded with 6-7 of us. This class is required for my YTT credential; she supervises.

    I am teaching a restorative class at her studio on Labor Day–wanna come? And there will be opportunities in the future. Check out the home page on this blog–I’ll post them there.


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