Awakening intelligence in the body

I just read this article in Yoga Journal and wanted to share it here, because the writer shows the kind of body awareness that one can develop from making yoga and meditation regular practices. He sensed an area in his body where his energy felt blocked and noticed other areas affected by that blockage. He followed his intuition that he needed to find a good bodyworker to open his energy up.

He notices what actually happens in a session, and this is true for me too: As much as I adore chitchatting with my bodyworkers, they actually work better (that is, my body heals and aligns more) when I am silent, deeply relaxed, open, and energetically supporting their work.

As with yoga itself, the real proof of bodywork is in the direct experience. And the more yoga you do—especially if you complement it with various forms of bodywork—the deeper your ability to sense your inner experience becomes. Yoga practitioners frequently discover that they develop finer and finer perception in areas of the body where they previously felt little. B.K.S. Iyengar calls this phenomenon awakening intelligence in the body.


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