About Effortless Wellbeing

Note: Earlier this post mistakenly called this book Effortless Meditation. The actual name of the book is Effortless Wellbeing.

Elephantjournal.com posted this article a day or two ago. Being someone who appreciates simplicity and elegance, I found it very worth sharing. Read the article here.

A man named Evan Finer has written a little book called Effortless Wellbeing. The author of the post, Bob Weisenberg, writes that in his effort to boil meditation down to its essentials, Finer came up with three key skills:

  1. Relaxing the body.
  2. Learning to breathe smoothly and naturally.
  3. Calming the mind by learning to focus.

Notice you don’t have to be sitting on a zafu with your eyes closed to use these skills!

Weisenberg states,

…there are few things in life which cannot be enhanced by relaxing your body, breathing more naturally, and gently focusing your mind.

Weisenberg goes on to list nine techniques for focusing the mind.

Body awareness is one of them, although it doesn’t mention whole body awareness. I really enjoyed getting perspective about my meditation technique, that it’s one of nine ways to focus the mind. Whole body awareness, preceded by a body scan, is working for me very well.



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