Refining awareness

What are you aware of right now? The words you’re reading on the screen. Maybe the whole screen. Maybe what’s beyond the screen in your field of vision.

Notice how your eyes can move from a narrow focus on black and white pixels to the space beyond. How do each of these extremes feel?

Your hearing. Traffic. Heating and air conditioning fans. Insects. Voices. Walking. Typing. Water running. The sound inside your head. The sounds your breath makes.

Your body, probably sitting. Your weight against the chair/sofa/floor. Your feet on the floor. Tight places in your body.

Yes, go ahead and adjust.

Your skin, clothed and unclothed. Warmth, coolness. Your breath, coming and going. Feelings in your chest, belly, head.

Pay attention to those feelings. Are any of them emotions? Even very subtle emotions? Anxiety? Joy? Glee?

Discover how much you can refine your awareness about your emotional state and your body.

This is another side effect of meditation. Awareness just gets deeper and deeper, more and more refined.

There now. Better?


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