The gift of Reiki self-treatments

I recently was fortunate enough to receive Reiki attunements from a Reiki master.

I’ve long been aware of energy flowing through my body, of chakras, nadis, and meridians. I’ve studied various cultures’ knowledge and ways of working with the energy body.

For instance, for several years I’ve practiced the Q’ero way of bringing energy in from the center of the cosmos through the crown and sending it out the feet to the center of the earth, then bringing clean earth energy up through the feet and out the crown. The downward direction releases hucha, and the upward direction connects your authentic being to the cosmos.

Learning Reiki is a natural extension. I’ve long been giving Reiki to my cat without knowing it was Reiki!

Now to put what I learned into practice. As part of the detox process after leaving my job, I commit to giving myself a Reiki self-treatment every day for 21 days.

I’ll sit in a chair, spine erect, visualizing energy descending from my tailbone, anchoring it to the center of the earth.

Then let earth-colored energy come up through my feet and circulate in my lower body until it feels heavier.

Let white light from the center of the cosmos enter my crown chakra and fill my upper body until it feels lighter.

Then begin the Reiki hand positions, holding each as long as needed.

I want to start channeling this prana-ki-qi-life force-healing energy to others, and this is how I prepare.

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