New year, new blog look, seeking feedback

Okay, I’ve decided to get better at this blogging thing I do. Not only have I changed the name, but I’ve also changed the look.

Please tell me if you like it and how it could be better. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “New year, new blog look, seeking feedback

  1. You are already amazing at blogging. One of my heroes……. Happy You Near….

    Some visual things though that may be a matter of taste and you won’t care for these but here we are.
    ..Most bigger sites have the background either the same as or similar to the container color.
    ..I see a lot of WP sites so I know the picture in your header. This is easy to replace with something personal to you. WP will size it up for you and everything.
    ..Pictures, pictures, pictures. Start each post and page with an image. Make it so the thumbnails will show up in your archive pages.

    I would say these are in reverse order of importance.
    Also, If you are interested in changing themes there are tons out there but that adds another layer of complexity for you, probably, and my guess is that its not important.


  2. I like it! The text is super easy to read — black text on white background rock! Also, I like Sans’ photos of you so much better than your current profile picture, I’d chose those 🙂


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