Welcome to the Chronic Stress and Trauma Recovery Challenge!

Good morning! It’s a lovely 18 degrees F. here in Austin, TX, with rolling blackouts occurring around the state as I write this due to the extreme demand for electricity. My old house is chill, and I’m lucky to be bi-powered, with gas and electricity.

If you don’t have the book, The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process: Transcend Your Toughest Times, or the video, or if you’re completely lost about this work,check out these videos on YouTube:

  • Trauma & Tension Releasing Exercises, 1:37. This silent video first shows a captured polar bear trembling to release shock and stress from its body, and then it shows several people doing the same in a deliberately induced process (because we humans have mostly forgotten how to do this). You can get a sense from seeing the variety of ways that people tremble, shake, and rock that there’s not a “right way” to do it. Your body finds its own way to release stress and trauma, and that can look a bit different from person to person. If your body does something else, just surrender (but please keep yourself safe.)
  • Trauma Releasing Exercises, 3:58. This video shows a group of women at a workshop testifying about their experience, as well as some bits showing them doing the exercises. If you haven’t done them before, check out what the trembling can look like. Really clears out energy blocks in the lower chakras!
  • There are also a series of six videos, interviews with David Berceli, author of the book above, who developed these exercises. I haven’t seen them all yet.

I’m getting out my book and turning to page 144. Here goes!

Ahh. I stopped after 30 minutes so I could finish this post before my chiropractor appointment. Had a sense I could have gone for 5 more minutes.


  • I have been holding off on doing these, noticing stress in my body and wanting to really be ready to do these exercises for this challenge!
  • The floor was cold, even on a yoga mat, so I spread yoga blankets on it.
  • I do Version B of Exercises 2 and 3. What do you do?
  • I have to do Exercise 2 longer to feel stress in my calf. But then I can squat with flat feet, so my calves are pretty stretched out. Do you find that you need to do more of any exercise to feel the stress in your muscles?
  • I believe that Exercise 6 is really the tough core of the process. Today the trembling started just before I went into the third minute. I hung in there for five minutes! (I wonder if you were in a hurry and just did this one exercise, would your legs begin trembling? I will probably check that out at some point!)
  • Exercise 7 is the release! Whee! Today, mostly my legs trembled, but my hands shook at times as well, and when the trembling stopped, my body began to rock. I alternated, trembling and rocking, for 15 minutes.
  • My cat Mango curled up next to my side while I was on the floor trembling. Cats are very sensitive to good energy! Thank you, Mango!

All in all, today was a good start.

If anyone reading this in Austin, TX, is interested in doing these with me, please get in touch. I’d love to teach you or do these with you. If enough people are interested, I will look for a place to teach these for free or very low cost.

Meanwhile, until Feb. 26, there’s my house!

Since I’m doing these on even-numbered days in February, until Friday! (It may be an everything-closed-because-of-snow-and-ice day here in Austin, Texas!)


10 thoughts on “Welcome to the Chronic Stress and Trauma Recovery Challenge!

  1. Hi, I’ve noticed that I can induce tremoring now without doing any of the exercises. I just assume any of the lying positions and relax into it. Perhaps my body sees this as such a good thing that it figured out how to make it happen without waiting around. Has anyone else experienced this?


    • Yes, please, if you have also experienced this, let us know! It sounds like your body has taken to the TRE exercises like a duck to water, and it’s good to know this can happen. There’s probably also an intent aspect to it, I’m guessing, or you would involuntarily start trembling when you lie down to sleep. Or maybe you do! I’d love to know how many times you did TRE before this happened, and over what period of time.

      Thanks so much for sharing your experience here. Please come back and feel free to share more of your experience.


  2. Hey Mary –

    Been doing TRE for a few months now (think I commented here before possibly), and have taken a free workshop with one of the London trainers. I also notice I can allow it to come on at will, even standing up – the TRE trainer likened it to a hosepipe, and you can inhibit/disinhibit the flow, e.g. as if you were putting your foot on/off it. The explanation given was that humans generally walk around in constant inhibit-mode, and once you’ve done TRE a few times you gain the flexibility to allow it through. It took me about 4-6 weeks of daily practice to get to that point personally.

    Btw, in terms of progress… it’s been plateaus with spurts of growth. Some things have changed drastically, others havent changed yet. The tension in my body has changed, and “getting stressed” now feels different in terms of the intensity and location of the tension that arises in my body.

    I notice it never quite goes “how I want”… always how it wants. Some parts just shake for weeks, over and over, the same pattern, then suddenly shift in one session. Sometimes I think somethings shifted and it comes back to that location for more, and sometimes new muscles start going at it that had previously been holding.

    From what I understand TRE is a wildly individual process; very much a function of your personal trauma, your personal locations of chronic tension, and what emotions are entangled up with all of that. For me it’s very much about the abdomen, chest and anxiety. For some people it’s depression, anger, etc.

    What I do know for sure is a) it’s the only thing that gets me “unstressed” daily on a physiological level (and I’ve tried alot), and b) I’ve gradually become much more the person I want to be; the person I feel I truly am; since starting with TRE.

    Hope you and others are finding similar benefits!


  3. Richard, thanks so much for sharing your story. I posted it in its own post, since readers may not see or read comments. (I see and read every one.) I thought it was important to let others read your story. This path is pretty amazing, AND it’s not even on most people’s radar for trauma recovery and stress relief. I want to do the TRE training myself early in 2012. I love that it helps you become more the person you want to be, and that that person is who you truly are. Fully present, fully occupying your body! Yes!


  4. I´m just starting with TRE. Find that I can shake with just the seventh exercise but doing all of them makes it different somehow. Really brings my awareness down into my whole lower body which is new for me. I´m going to do these every day for awhile and feel excited to see what happens.


    • Thanks so much for posting, Jesse! I would LOVE to hear from you again about your experience. You can email me personally when you’re ready, and let me know what you’re willing to share publicly. Lots of people are interested in TRE stories!


    • I dont know where i’ve to start??. I feel so desperate with my self.. almost 5 year i got psikosomatic (panic attact). And not too long so many deseas came to my body like headace, back paint, and Gerd,, i heard about TRE but when i know about the cost, it is so expensive for me, i just could buy the tre book only not the workshop. But i when i try to practice in tre book in a home, i cant shaking at all. What happent to me??. I try to do this day by day. But i still cant shake.. im so sad, because i realy wannt to cured. I want tobe a happy mom 😭


  5. MaryAnn, are you still doing TRE? I notice you stopped posting. No one near me is doing TRE so I guess I am looking on-line for encouragement and hearing interesting stories of others doing it too.


    • I learned TRE from David Berceli’s book and video several years ago and did it regularly for several months, teaching a few others, and that’s when I wrote a lot of posts about it. I did it enough that I didn’t need to do the exercises any more to induce trembling. It became a mindset that I can enter that allows my body to tremble, both lying down and standing.

      I still induce trembling sometimes. In fact, I did yesterday, at ecstatic dance! I’ve seen others there just standing and shaking. It’s very therapeutic! I’m really grateful to David Berceli for sharing this technique for releasing stress and trauma.


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