Measuring your stress level

I want to have a baseline measure of my stress level at the start of this two-month Chronic Stress and Trauma Recovery Challenge.

  • My immune system is functioning well. I haven’t suffered from allergies or colds since last May.
  • I’ve never had high blood pressure. It’s usually about 100/70.
  • I usually sleep well. I take melatonin and Rescue Remedy Sleep when I don’t, and they work.
  • If negative emotions start to run away with me in the form of anxiety, fear, anger, or guilt, I do EFT and t-a-p them away.

Still, in the last six months, since August 3rd:

  • I completed yoga teacher training.
  • I left a job that was stressful to me.
  • I started doing new types of work (NLP coaching, teaching yoga), moving toward a new livelihood.
  • I downsized my stuff and put my house on the market.
  • My house was burglarized and my laptop and some other stuff stolen.
  • I had a collision that left my car in the shop for over a month, without rental coverage.
  • I started a three-month technical writing contract at a large corporation with a long but scenic commute.

All of this is stressful, according to the WebMD Life Change Stress Test. You’ve probably read before now that major life events, both negative and positive, are stressful. Now  you can measure your stress level online.

Stress can interrupt sleep and make you cranky. Chronic stress can raise your blood pressure, weaken your immune system, and affect physical and mental health. Wikipedia has a long list of the symptoms of chronic stress.

I took the test, and the results showed I have moderate stress. How are you doing on stress?

I believe that doing the trauma releasing exercises for the next two months will help keep me healthy. I just need to keep doing more of what I’m already doing (meditation, yoga, EFT). In addition, I’d like to get more aerobic and weight-bearing exercise.

And I will! I’m getting a kettlebell!

1 thought on “Measuring your stress level

  1. Thanks for the stress link. The test revealed moderate stress, all due to recent illness and hospital stay. Other than that, I’d be low stress – just the way I like it! BTW, EFT was extremely helpful for my son when he was young and dealing with PTSD.



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