A love letter to yoga, passive backbend to open the heart center

Happy valentine’s day!

From Yoga Journal, an enlightened mother writes a valentine to yoga.

Thank you for teaching me how to be more gracious and generous in my relationships.  As my first yoga teacher Ruth told me, “Don’t be stingy!”


I love the passive backbend, where you roll up a towel or yoga blanket, lie on the floor with knees bent, feet flat, and place it under your lower shoulder blades.

Hang out here for 10 minutes. Adjust the towel up or down if you like. Let your knees fall together and the rest of you melt into the floor.

It’s one of the most refreshing and simple yoga poses I know. You’ll get up feeling good and energized!

You can also use a bolster, stacked blankets, and eye pillow as shown below. If the floor is cold on your hands and arms, put a blanket down first.

Passive Backbend


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