All signs point to rest, quiet, and stillness today

For weeks now, I’ve been planning to have a party after I closed on my house.

Well, I closed yesterday. Woo hoo! The money after paying my mortgage was supposed to be wired into my bank account! I was ready to make a deposit on a fabulous vintage trailer.

After I picked up my paychecks from the contract agency (big SNAFU in getting me set up, and someone stayed late to give me these checks), I went to the bank to deposit them. I was in a drive-through lane, very crowded on Friday afternoon, and my car was running hot.

(This is the car that I had a collision in on Dec. 23 that has been in the shop more than out since then, that I’ve taken back twice so they could finish the job.  Last week they replaced the thermostat because the heater didn’t work.)

It was my turn. I deposited my checks only to be told that they were dated Feb. 21, and the bank can’t deposit them until then!!!!

So I left the bank and called my daughter to vent, about the car and the checks. Sometimes you just want to tell someone.

Luckily, she had just been talking to a friend up north who could pick me up and bring me home.

Sweet. I left my disabled car in North Austin. Last night I made plans to rent a car over the weekend.

Guess what? I woke with a sore throat and later developed aches and chills and fatigue.

I’d been exposed to strep and the flu when my granddaughter was over on Tuesday while my daughter worked. Been doing the thymus thump to boost my immune system, but alas, it was not to be.

I haven’t been sick in so long, I forgot what it was like.

So I’m sick today, and I’m moving out next Friday, and I need to get boxes and sort through stuff and give stuff away and take stuff to Goodwill and pack.

Oh, and celebrate!

The way I’m seeing it now, with the car disabled, and me sick, the universe has just made arrangements for me to have a day of stillness, quiet, and rest. Because that’s what my body has the energy for. I did make the bed and wash the dishes and cook a little. But mostly not.

Because all I want to do is take naps, drink herbal tea, watch videos, read, and try to stay warm enough.

And sometimes that’s enough.

I did learn that before they were applied to trauma, induced body shaking was used in sports as a way to speed healing.

Maybe I’ll have enough energy to do them today. But not right now.

And maybe that celebration will just have to occur later. Like when I move into my trailer.


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