32 benefits of yoga

Loved this blog post in Elephant Journal about some unusual benefits of yoga. The writer includes not just the usual — better posture, mood, flexibility.

She cites yoga for helping her lose 30 pounds, not through exercise or dietary changes, but through loving her body as it is.

Relationship clarity, better tools for difficult situations, less need for drama, pausing before situations…

Read Claudia Azula¬†Altuchar’s list here.

2 thoughts on “32 benefits of yoga

  1. Hey There Maryann,
    Cool Post, I am doing 2 mile walk dvd each morning,and I would like to incorporate a little more into my work out. I am courious about yoga and pilates, what are the benefits of these two workouts? Thanks
    Greetings, Lisa


    • Hi, Lisa. Both Pilates and yoga work on postural alignment, strength, flexibility, and balance. There are many styles of yoga, some vigorous, some more relaxing. Pilates (partly based on yoga) can be done as mat work or with special equipment.

      In both cases, please seek a live teacher if possible to help you get started, because you need someone who can guide you and prevent you from learning any bad habits. After you learn the basics, you can follow a DVD.

      I’ve done both and prefer yoga. It’s more than just exercise, it’s a philosophy. The coordination of breath with movement teaches the bodymind to relax under stress. And all you need is a mat.

      Good luck!


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