Trauma releasing exercises: the video

I ordered the Trauma Releasing Exercises DVD a few weeks ago and finally found time to watch it.

I recommend it if you are a visual learner and if you want to get up to speed and do the TRE exercises quickly without reading a book or having to find and pay a teacher. You can watch it, learn a bit of the background without too much detail, watch people shaking, and do the exercises in real time along with the demonstration.

One of the beautiful gifts of learning from the DVD is that you can watch and do the exercises with another person and pause when you need to, rewind, fast forward, etc.

One important note: If you have only read the book, the exercises presented here are slightly different. There are some exercises for the feet at the beginning, and more details are provided.

I was just watching the models do Exercise 5 in the book, and David Berceli’s voice-over adds that you can allow your jaw to open as you twist your upper body. I didn’t see that in the book.

The exercises also have different timing, so that where the book says to hold for one minute, the video says to hold for 30 seconds to one minute.

The video also includes testimonials from various professionals — two chiropractors, a marriage and family therapist, a writer/teacher about the psoas and the core, a clinical social worker specializing in trauma, a massage therapist/teacher, and a physical therapist/cranio-sacral therapist.


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