Behind the scenes of a blog: search terms that have brought readers here :-)

Behind the scenes of this blog, I can view my site’s statistics. One of my favorite things to check on is the list of search terms that people have entered into a search engine that somehow got them to this blog.

Besides the usual suspects like yoga, 4 hour body, trauma releasing exercises, buddha brain, spartan carousel, flu, and tibetan monks austin, here are some others over the past three months that have been amusing:

having a good axle-hole (?)

zafu brown (any relationship to Encyclopedia Brown?)

mcrae says dukkha means (okay, William, what’s up with that?)

yoaching yoga coaching

dont fall asleep in trauma (okay, i wont)

4 hour body can you eat refried beans everyday (love it!)

realigious ked wearing people (it’s a cult!)

There are some that are inspiring. I plan to do my own Google searches using these search terms. Some people know what’s important!

synesthesia and gamma waves (I’ll have what she’s having)

playful joy

shaking medicine groups

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