Sunday morning/evening yoga bliss

I so love starting my day, and especially Sunday, with a long, slow Sun Salutation, resting as long as I need to in each stopping place, repeating movements as needed, really paying attention to my body waking up and energizing.

I build in mini-vinyasas, so from high plank slowly to chaturanga slowly to cobra slowly to tabletop. Then child’s pose, or cat-cow, or swaying hips & shoulders in opposite directions, or circling. Tucking one arm under, shoulder to floor, for a nice twist.

Then dog and its variations. Sometimes adding in a standing pose vinyasa.

Really working the ankles and toes in the lunges, working the fingers in plank.

Delighting in the infinite variations on surya namaskar…


I’m limiting the size of my restorative class to three students. If you’d like to come, please call me at 512-507-4184 and confirm whether there is space for you. I’d like to have one more somewhat regular attendee.

This is an Iyengar-Lasater style restorative class. Someone I talked to yesterday said she had been to a restorative class that was anything but, so I want to clarify what my class is about.

We use lots of props, which I bring. Firm Hugger Mugger bolsters, 3 blankets per student, 3-4 blocks per student, belts, sandbags, eye pillows.

You just bring your mat.

We hold poses from anywhere from 2 minutes to 15 minutes, depending on the pose.

You get relaxed and you get some passive stretches. I don’t use music, so you will have fewer distractions from going deeply internal, to that inner centered stillness that is so renewing, that nothing else can substitute for.

The class is 90 minutes, from 7-8:30 pm, at Oak Hill Healing Arts, 7413 Old Bee Caves Road, Austin.


I’m substituting for Eleanor Harris at her noon class this Thursday, May 3. The class is 60 minutes, $10. Bring a mat. Call for location if interested.


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