Thanks for another record day

Thanks, readers! Yesterday my blog received 128 views, breaking the previous record of 121 days set in June.

Readership is picking up. This month, July 2011, the blog is getting an average of 70 views per day. That’s quite a surge in recent months — in December 2010, the average was 21 per day.

Thank you. It feels like confirmation from the universe that I’m on the right track, sharing my fascinations online for the world to connect with.

Sometimes writing this blog feels like being a late-night DJ or call-in radio host. Very mellow and low-key, yet people are out there who listen/read and connect.

I love the reader comments I’ve been getting, from people who share their experience with TRE and shaking medicine, and comments about my Spartan trailer. I’ve now got about 5 or 6 people who’ve asked to be notified if I ever decide to sell. That’s very nice to know — and right now, I’m still working hard to get into it. I’m getting air conditioning next week and will move in not long after that. It’s been a long wait, and I’m excited about getting in at last.

The blog is coming up on another milestone of 15,000 total views. Today the count is 14,300. At this rate, I could be celebrating in less than a week!

Many thanks, again.


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