What percentage of the population do you think is mentally healthy?

I came across this quote that I hadn’t seen before, courtesy of Terry. The quote is by Thomas Stone (author of Cure By Crying):

About 10% of the population is mentally healthy. They are confident and full of energy.  They don’t understand why the rest of us have so much trouble.

Another 20% is almost mentally healthy. They may have a few bad habits, but they can overcome them by making a firm decision, “Just do it”.

The remaining 70% struggle with low energy, shyness, headaches, addictions, bad tempers, sleep problems, failed love, sex problems, difficulty reading, talking and selling.  They attempt to solve their problems by positive thinking, astrology, pills, support groups, subliminal learning, and religion, but their lives always stay the same because they never find the real cause of the problem, blocked traumatic memories. This book is dedicated to the 70%, and to their children.

I haven’t read this book, but I’m curious about the statistics. I don’t know the source, but the rounded percentages sound like a guess. Not that it’s untrue! He could be spot on right. I just don’t know. I don’t believe I could imagine a random representative sample of 100 people well enough to be so sure about the percentages.

What do you think about these percentages?

Which category would you place yourself in? I’ve been in all three categories in this lifetime. I feel like right now, I’m struggling between the 10% and the 20% categories.

Do you believe that blocked traumatic memories are the real cause of poor mental health? I know firsthand that blocked traumatic memories caused my poor mental health. I just don’t know (or know how anyone could really know) that they cause poor mental health in 70% of the population. Especially since the memories are blocked…

That said, if you don’t feel mentally healthy, would it be worth your while to examine (with skilled support, of course) whether you have blocked any traumatic memories?

It might take getting acquainted with yourself in a new way, but if the payoff was better mental health, would you do it?

Just curious.


2 thoughts on “What percentage of the population do you think is mentally healthy?

  1. Sounds to me like the “mentally healthy” category is perfection – the “unhealthy” category is what is called human, with typical problems. To me, mentally “unhealthy” means that you have an actual mental illness or disorder. If sleep problems, difficulties in love, shyness, etc are considered to make a person not mentally healthy, I seriously question this author. Really? That’s sort of called the human existence isn’t it?


    • Very good point, Shelley. I wonder if resilience rather than perfection would be a better measure of mental health. Life is dynamic, not static. To never have had any problems makes one difficult for most of us to relate to as well as unskilled at change.


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