Leaning into life: what attracts you?

A fruitful area of self-inquiry is paying attention to what you move toward. What attracts you? What draws you toward it? What do you desire?

When you think about it today or tomorrow or over the next week or so, notice what attracts you. You might start with people. Then notice the places you favor. What things draw you toward them? Are there activities that draw you in? Is there information

How do you know you’re attracted? Does the person or thing have a glow to it? Do you see an image, like YES lit up on a marquee? Do you hear “yes” or feel a buzz? What actually happens inside you?

What does it feel like to move toward something? Where in your body do you notice it? Where does the movement start? What kind of intensity does the attraction have?

Contrast being attracted with being neutral and also with being repelled, moving away from, avoiding. Does something or someone you’re attracted to appear differently because of the attraction? Can you imagine shifting this so that something you’re attracted to, that may not be good for you, becomes something you are repelled by, or something you respond to as neutral?

Notice that there might be a difference between what you think attracts you and what actually attracts you.

I’m hungry right now. My stomach feels empty like it wants to eat itself, and now I hear growling noises coming from my stomach. I imagine myself getting up and walking to the refrigerator and looking inside for something that I will feel a yes about when I consider eating it. It will have a glow to it, and I will feel congruent and confident (I will feel “yes”) about eating it.

Now I’ll do that. Yum. Taste of whipped cream followed by a raw cracker.

We all do this. So here’s another question for you: When are your attractions healthy and when unhealthy?


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