Take the NLP personality profile

If you are interested in personality types like the MBTI or the Enneagram as a means of understanding others and yourself, you will be interested in the LifeSet Meta Program Questionnaire.

It measures meta-programs, which is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming term for patterns in cognitive strategies. They are contextual and not set in stone. The ones measured in this quiz are oriented toward work.

Click here to take the quiz to determine your preferences for motivational direction, feedback, relationships, learning, time management, and decision-making.

FYI, my results today were Toward, Internal, Other, Content, Present, and Different.

1 thought on “Take the NLP personality profile

  1. MaryAnn, you have shared your very thorough exploration of the various “personality” tests and systems, esp. Enneagram. Thanks for that !!! Best Resources is actually offering a way to learn and dive deep into Meta-Programs from the NLP model with one of the experts in the field, Charles Faulkner. The March 23-24th Masters weekend in San Antonio includes a process for not only learning about the system, testing out your natural tendencies and how they may help or hinder you … but also how to transcend and expand via a unique strategy he developed for actually changing your meta-programs. What a treat to not only have the chance to learn these profound distinctions … but to learn from a MASTER !!!


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