2021 in review, 2022 well-wishes

Just added this quote to my Favorite Quotes page:

Common sense and a sense of humor are the same thing, moving at different speeds. A sense of humor is just common sense, dancing. ~ William James

I haven’t added much to this blog for a while. i’ve been busy with work, training, and travel, and…COVID malaise.

It’s as high in Austin now as it’s ever been.

I got double-vaxxed in the spring of 2021, and my bodywork practice took off again, with so many who had deferred bodywork finally feeling safe enough to come in for TMJ Relief and craniosacral therapy sessions. Work boomed in April, May and June 2021, and I was glad for it after a year-long lull, half of which I didn’t work on people at all.

From late June to early September, I spent 10 weeks based in Taos, New Mexico, with a two-week side trip to south central Colorado and several other shorter side trips to check out the gorgeous landscapes, including Valles Caldera.

It was the longest vacation I’ve ever taken, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I slept in the back of my car sometimes!

Two months before I left, I had applied for a NM massage license, which turned out to be a much longer process than I anticiipated. I didn’t give sessions in Taos, except for some distance healing sessions. I worked on the business end.

I found people to occupy my home and my office while I was gone, so I didn’t take a financial hit from not working.

I enjoyed my friends in Taos and small town life. The Saturday farmer’s market was wonderful. I found ecstatic dance there.

I went back between Christmas and New Year’s, leaving just in time to narrowly avoid a blizzard!

There’s something about driving toward a distant horizon, a clean line between earth and sky, that nourishes my soul.

I started a 2.5 year training in biodynamic craniosacral therapy in late September and went again in late November for the second module of 10. We meet in Silver Spring, MD, just outside Washington, DC — a lovely city to visit when you ignore the politics.

This training is offered through the Wellness Institute, and my primary teacher is Roger Gilchrist, one of the most experienced teachers of biodynamics on this continent.

Doing this training and doing lots more biodynamics sessions have been bright lights.

Those bright lights mean so much.

I plan to return to DC for more training in March, June, September, and late November 2022 and complete the training by the end of 2023. I’ve had some of the content before in previous trainings, but I signed up for this training to add to my knowledge, skills, and professionalism, and it’s working. I’m doing a lot of biodynamics sessions along with TMJ Relief sessions.

Now, in January 2022, I’ve just joined West Holistic Medicine, an integrative medical practice in downtown Austin.

I’m offering Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and TMJ Relief sessions there.

Although I am still offering these sessions at my office in West Lake Hills, it’s nice to be back working downtown, where I started in private practice from 2012-1016 with an office on 12th Street.

It’s also nice to be working alongside two integrative MDs and an acupuncturist.

I’ll be working five days a week between these two locations instead of four. I can do it! My work feeds me in so many ways, it almost doesn’t seem like work! It’s more like adventures.

I intend to spend some time this summer in Taos again. This time I’ll have a NM license and can work.

What else will 2022 bring? Key words from my Aquarius and Virgo horoscopes (Free Will Astrology) are integrity, impeccability, work, love, accept incremental progress, love my life exactly as it is, be creative and resourceful, and play.

I like that.

May 2022 be a good year for you too.

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