Biodynamic Meditation is direct relationship with the field, unifying our personal field with the larger fields we exist in

I woke early and watched an old video of Franklyn Sills, founder of Craniosacral Biodynamics, state that this modality is “grounded in the perception of the forces at work in the human system” and that we “work with the field, in direct relationship.”

That is what Biodynamic Meditation is about: cultivating harmony within our personal fields that influence the larger fields we exist in: our relational fields and the spaces we inhabit, including our planetary field.

In one of my previous n=1 investigations of well-being, I explored HeartMath, using a sensor when I meditated to measure my heart rate variability and coherence.

Coherence is defined as the quality of forming a unified whole.

I got out my dusty HeartMath sensor this morning and clipped it to my earlobe, started a HeartMath session with sounds and vibrations off — and also started an Insight Timer session.

I wanted to get some biofeedback about coherence during Biodynamic Meditation.

Results: Over the 40-minute session, I was in high coherence 84 percent of the time.

I’ll keep doing it, but it certainly indicates that Biodynamic Meditation increases coherence.

Oh, and today’s my birthday!

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