Hello world!

This is the first post on my brand new blog, which I’m calling The Zafu Report. If you don’t know, a zafu is a meditation cushion. My intention is to get my butt onto a cushion and meditate daily in 2010 and blog about it.

Mostly this blog is a way to hold myself accountable for following through on my intention to meditate daily in 2010.

I made a commitment to meditate daily for 30 minutes a few weeks ago. The very first week I missed a couple of days, and only sat for 20 minutes a couple of days. I looked at my excuses–too busy, too much going on with the December whirl, yada yada…

I realized that when I believe I don’t have time to meditate, that’s when I need it most.

I seriously can’t think of many valid reasons not to meditate. I had a kidney stone once. The pain was so severe, it doubled me over and made me vomit, and then the doctor gave me something like morphine and I slept it off. That was a good day not to sit. “I’m too busy.” “I forgot. “I don’t feel like it.” just.don’t.cut.it.any.more.

I am allowing comments to be posted after I review and approve them. The kind of comments that are most welcome are supportive and inspiring, and those sharing your experience meditation. And questions! Of course, ask questions!

There’s “about meditation” and then there’s meditating. My focus is on the latter.

Also, I already have a meditation coach. I’m going with what she says.

I’ve blogged before, but not on WordPress, so I’ll be learning as I go. I have a lot to learn, so I hope you’ll bear with me.

All that said, it’s time to get my butt on the cushion!

1 thought on “Hello world!

  1. Good morning Mary,

    I like the name of your blog. The “z” has a strength to it and I noticed that to say the sound you have to really put some effort into it. Effort, with intention, is one of my goals for 2010, especially when it is an invitation to grow and be closer to GUS (God Universe Spirit), and you my dear friend are in the family of GUS.


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