A body scan

I just did my first sitting of the new year, later in the day than I had thought when I got up this morning. Today was a day of feeling gratitude, blog updating, reading email, connecting on Facebook, creating a flyer for the new peripheral walking meetup group that meets tomorrow, enjoying the quiet solitude.

I’d been sitting in front of my computer for a good part of the day when I decided it was time to meditate. It was about 5:30 pm. I got up and stretched my feet with some Z-health exercises. Then I did a couple of Sun Salutations to unstiffen from sitting.

I started to sit but realized I wanted to hang upside down first to really lengthen my spine after all the sitting.

Blue zafu with an OM symbol on it, bought at Nature’s Treasures, with an impression of my butt on it. Hello, friend. Under that, a colorful striped and folded Mexican blanket. These in the corner of a room with turquoise walls, a wood floor, three windows, and various yoga accessories, bicycles, art supplies, a stereo, and camping gear cluttering the space.

To my left, a small pseudo-African stool with a meditation timer on it. (Expensive, I know. A splurge from when I first began, when the kitchen timer going off would make me almost jump out of my skin.)

To my right, a circle of rocks on the floor. Some I chose, some chose me. An abalone shell with a sage smudge bundle, unlit, in it.

I sit and wrap another Mexican blanket around me, because it’s a little chilly in the room. I smell the fragrance of frankincense and patchouli.

I set the timer. Silence, except for the sounds of I-35, street traffic, birds. Get settled. Then three chimes.

Breathe. Start body scan at crown. Move slowly down to feet. Chakras spontaneously blossom open. A spot in the left crook of my neck calls my attention. Breathe into the tension. It eases. More attention to sides of torso. Notice what moves with each inhalation and exhalation.

By the time I reach my feet, I feel like I am glowing all over. That if you could see what I feel, you would see light emanating from my body.

Next, bring awareness to whole body. This is a topic for many more days. See you tomorrow.

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