Supta baddha konasana

When I woke, my left piriformis muscle was feeling really tight. (If you don’t know anatomy, it is a pain in the ass.) I think of this piriformis tightness as the last bit of healing from scoliosis and that 1996 car wreck that sent me on this path.

Looked it up in my yoga anatomy book and decided to do a long, supported supta baddha konasana (reclining cobbler’s pose) before sitting today. Then went about my nonlinear swooping-through-time-on-an-unstructured-day-off-work. Made breakfast, washed some dishes, started a list of things to do, which feels so virtuous even when I don’t do them. Made tea. Checked email. Checked Facebook. Made lunch.

To do baddha konasana, I sit with spine erect and soles of feet together, letting knees drop to the side. Supta means lying down. Supported means I place pillows under my knees and a bolster under my spine, keeping my seat on the ground. I prop one end of the bolster up so I’ll be reclining about 20 degrees.

I set the timer for 15 minutes, put a David Whyte CD on, recline, and cover my eyes with an eye mask, letting my arms and hands drop.

Ahhhhhhhhh. Melting. Turn David Whyte off. This calls for silence.

When that timer goes off, I decide to do my 30 minutes of sitting in just this position.

Body scan: whoa, gravity is different like this! I feel so open along my midline, like a dog exposing its belly.

Like I did the other day, I feel tipsy, loopy, happy. I vaguely notice, “Hey, when I think, I feel like this, and when I don’t think, I feel like this.” I feel excited to notice this distinction, but I don’t really want to elaborate. Too much work.

When the timer goes off, I move the pillows and bolster and take a nap.

Now my sober self says this distinction is very, very important.

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Maybe I won’t do my daily meditation in supta baddha konasana. It’s yoga. It’s not sitting.

Now I’m going to do one thing on my to-do list.

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