Headache, sore throat

This morning I was busy preparing food for the day. I assisted at NLP practitioner training all day. I didn’t sit until about 6:30 pm.

Today meditation was difficult.

The guy next door was rehearsing with his band. (You know, Austin, Texas, live music capital of the world, where everybody’s neighbor is in a band.) Electric guitar sounds were coming in through the window panes next to my sitting corner. Turned on the sound machine hoping ocean waves would mask or soften the guitar sound, but couldn’t find a comfortable volume. Both waves and guitar were jarring.

I did not make it past the body scan. My attention kept coming back to pain–right above my left eye, left brow bone, left temple, left cheekbone. Not excruciating but definitely demanding.

Ignoring the pain brought only momentary relief. I went into the pain and invited it to show itself to me. Counterintuitive, you know. That disrupted the pattern better than ignoring it did.

Still, it slowly came back.

Noticed other areas–neck, hip, knee–that were sore. All on the left side.

I breathed into the hurting places, finally just breathing space into the pain. Noticing that when I’m in pain, my resources are diminished. ‘Spect that holds true in general. I feel great respect for people who manage living with chronic pain.

Then time was up. Took my granddaughter ice-skating at the temporary rink at Whole Foods. She’s fearless–knees, elbows, lots of risk and fast reflexes. Me–too many years of pain and chiropractic to feel brave enough to even put skates on.

Now back home, with a sore throat. Took acetaminophen. It’s been probably a year or two since I’ve used it. Made tea for comforting throat.

Feeling glad I made an appointment yesterday to see a chiropractor on Tuesday. Wondering if meanwhile I’m coming down with something.

Will know in the morning. Sweet dreams.


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