Breathing lesson

I did three surya namaskar A sun salutations before I sat this morning, but I didn’t get to the blog until much later. Now it seems a bit hazy.

All I remember now is that my awareness included a sweet experience where thoughts arose and drifted away without much ado, and my heart chakra felt pretty open, which is pleasant. Today’s sitting was basically good, nothing special.

Before I found a teacher and embarked on this year of sitting, if I was struggling on the cushion, I would focus on my breath, on sensation in specific places (nostrils, belly), or on the sounds of breathing.

Even now, if I was having mental agitation, that’s what I would do. I don’t know what my teacher would recommend because so far it hasn’t come up.

Yoga works with the breath quite a bit, and so I’ve learned some breathing skills that have helped on the cushion. Such as this one: longer exhalations are relaxing. To calm oneself, breath in 2 3 4, out 2 3 4 5 6 7. Repeat. Do the opposite if you need to energize yourself.

When I have done my best conscious breathing during meditation, the inhalations arise naturally. I  notice a slight pause at the top of the breath, and I exhale evenly.

Then I pause until the next inhalation arises. Allowing this pause to happen and las until the inhalation naturally arises is key. Somehow this kind of breathing polishes and buffs my energy to a sparkle.

But if you’re seeking pointers, don’t just take my word for it–do it and discover what happens for you! If it feels weird, immediately return to normal breathing. That’s it. Go forth and prosper.

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