This morning I went to a new chiropractor. This one is trained in Applied Kinesiology, which attracted me–I have no experience with it and was curious.

I heard about Chandler Collins via word-of-mouth from a fellow traveler, Marco (also a yogi, dancer, with alignment and pain issues). Marco got me to Appamada for a Hakomi workshop, and I came back for Zen. He is discerning.

The story I had made up to explain my issues changed while I was there. I went wanting to speed up my recovery from scoliosis, since nearly a year after NUCCA adjusted my atlas, I still wake up in pain some days. But my weight is balanced evenly on my feet, and my spine is still aligned. NUCCA was good work. Just not enough.

The new story is that my spine is okay, but my pelvis is torqued and my occiput needed adjusting. Which he did–a shock for a minute and then I sensed some furious energetic reorganizing going on in my body.

I look forward to truly healing. I told Dr. Collins that I want to become enlightened in this lifetime, and I consider healing my body integral to that.

Later I meditated. My attention was drawn to my aches and pains. Most of them are familiar. Every once in a while, something different comes through–a surge of pleasure down the outside of my left leg, for instance.

I notice the space between the pains. I notice where it is. I notice the quality of it.

About 25 minutes in, I can tell by the pain across my lower back that soon the timer will go off and the session will end.

Tonight I don’t want to finish this post without saying how much the suffering in Haiti has been on my mind for the past week. I read about how people are out in the streets beseeching God in their despair.

I feel their extreme vulnerability. I beseech God to help them too.

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