The power of thought

I sat this morning, then went to my monthly cranio-sacral therapy session, then to work. After work, came home, fed cats, changed clothes, and went for a walk at dusk. Sat in car for 10 minutes before going to the first night of a weekend Contact Improvisation and Vipassana workshop.

So it has been hours, or a lifetime, since I sat this morning.

The main thing I remember is that I attended to my back some more. I realized what a marvel the lumbar vertebrae in particular are. They are big and strong, like a tree trunk. They support the weight of the upper body, with a bit of help from the abdominal muscles in front.

Nina was working with S2, a sacral nerve, again. The sacrum has embryological sutures, where plates of hard bone connect. Nerves come through it. My S2 has been recalcitrant, difficult.

She was curious–what did I know about my birth? First child, born 7 weeks early, weighed 4 lbs. 1 oz., amidst fear I wouldn’t survive. Doctor wanted to keep me in the hospital, but a nurse gave me to my mother to breast-feed, and once the milk started, they couldn’t stop it, so I went home with my mother a week later.

Nina thought the nurse probably knew what I needed.

My mother said when I was about 7 weeks old, one day my energy was different, like I was ready to be born, only I had already been born.

Nina asked me what conclusions I could draw. In hindsight, I must have been pretty tough for such a tiny little baby. I experienced 7 weeks of life outside the womb when most babies are still inside. I don’t know if it was overwhelming to me.

I was an adventurer perhaps, and clearly a survivor.

The power of thought: May whatever is holding S2 back be reassured that it’s okay to come out now and experience its full glorious expression. I made it. I am HERE.

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