Sit, eat, blog, run, do yoga

Quick post today. I sat this morning and am eating while blogging.

(Aside: I just cut open an avocado, and it was flawless, perfect. Wow. I sliced it and am eating it anyway.)

I’m going to a yoga workshop way north at 1:30 and have 15 minutes to write in.

I realized today that committing to sitting every day is training. I work with my body/mind by doing it. I am training my awareness, and also training my body to sit still for 30 minutes with my back erect and unsupported by a chair or wall.

Today I felt pressure on my face, energy pressing to get in or out, I couldn’t tell which. A pleasant sensation. A slight achiness over left brow called my attention briefly. Later, I noticed it had transformed into this pleasant pressure.

If light had a feeling, that’s what the energy feels like.

I sat in siddhasana for about five minutes, left heel stacked above right, pressing into groin. I noticed some good feelings in my left thigh. When discomfort kept pulling my attention, I moved into sukhasana.

I remembered a yoga technique that was helpful toward the end of the session, when I was feeling the weight of my upper body pressing down where my spine meets my sacrum.

On an inhalation, let the upper body rise as if the lungs are a helium balloon. This puts space between the vertebrae and creates the sensation of lightness in the upper body.

On the exhalation, stay floating. Keep doing this.

First I became aware of discomfort. I spent a little time accepting it, just feeling it, noticing the quality that my mind labels “unpleasant”. Just that lessens it.

And then I found a way to move discomfort into ease. Dukha to sukha.

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