Home from work today, still wearing pajamas. Woke with sore throat and nose/sinus congestion, and a little muscle ache. Low energy. Decided to call in sick at work.

Before sitting, I did oneĀ surya namaskar A. Sat in half-Lotus, ardha padmasana, switching the leg on top about halfway through. Sensations of tightness and achiness moving between foreground and background and out of awareness.

Yoga prepares you for sitting. Most new people who come to yoga need to build strength and flexibility even to sit unsupported for a couple of minutes. They’re used to sitting in chairs and supporting their backs. Sitting on an exercise ball builds strength quickly.

I am exploring sitting positions, building strength and awareness. This will serve my practice in the long haul. This is my practice.

Today I felt joy when I realized that my mind is free during meditation: free to notice what beckons my attention, free to open up and just let it all in, free to focus awareness on my center.

I felt aware of being just a beginner. The waves of breath were solid and comforting.


4 thoughts on “Beginning

  1. Mary Ann, this a lovely page. Beautiful to see and read. Such a good use of one’s time and a pleasant way to be reminded of the stretching.


  2. Thankyou Mary Ann. I have tried a little Yoga in the past…always seemed to sustain some ‘injury’ stretching [or lack of it] I guess. Lukewise I really want to meditate…keep being drawn to different sites/people…maybe I’ll find the answers…love your site and look forward to more of your blogs…Cheers


  3. Thanks for commenting, Pat. First yoga lesson: tune into YOUR body. That is also the first meditation lesson! Second lesson: be kind to yourself. If you need slow, gentle yoga, then do slow, gentle yoga. If you can only sit for 10 minutes, then sit for 10 minutes! Actually doing it is the key.


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