Electric current in my spine

Went to the new chiropractor this morning. His office is out toward Lake Travis, deep in the cedar-studded hills. I was reacting by the time I got there.

Unexpectedly, he muscle-tested me for airborne allergens and declared me reactive to grass, cedar, and pecan pollen. Then he concocted a homeopathic remedy, which just tastes nasty, although I am happy to say I’m one of the 80 percent for whom it works.

Then to work. Lots of meetings and getting caught up after being out sick a day. Yoga at lunch. I agreed to teach the beginner class on Monday. Another meeting earlier this evening.

Off and on today, sneezing, nasal congestion, and a feeling of inflammation inside my nostrils. It’s annoying and a bit fatiguing. Remembered acupressure points to ease nasal and sinus congestion.

When I was ready to sit, I took the nasty medicine and drank kombucha to allow a more pleasant taste to linger on my taste buds. Sat in the dark in half lotus.

Quiet. Breathe. Dark. Sense body.

I think I feel a current in my spine. Was that a current? Pause. Yes. There is an electric current in my spine. I’ve been taking pulses (my own and others) acupuncture-style, building sensitivity and not wanting to know what the interpretation is. Just a couple of weeks ago I felt a current at my wrist for the first time.

Now I feel the current again, in my spine. It feels like electricity, like when I’ve gotten a mild shock before, but with the intensity knob turned down to barely perceptible. A warm buzz, almost a flow.

Dang. Who’d have guessed there would be so much to be aware of, sitting in silent stillness?

Achoo! Achoo! Okay, okay! Good night!

2 thoughts on “Electric current in my spine

  1. Interesting day…thanks for sharing. Where is Lake Travis exactly? Are you interested in looking at a natural product that could give you much relief? Also a highly recommended site to view which is assisting people in many ways with illnesses they felt they were to be attached to forever is:
    I purchesed a DVD today – Yoga into oneness = Yoga for beginners…I so look forward to beginning.
    I have spent today preparing for a trip to New South Wales to celegrate my Mum’s 90th birthday…about 9 hours travel.
    Look forward to your next post. Stay well.


  2. Lake Travis is west of Austin about 20 miles, Pat. Thanks for your recommendations. I will check out the food site; plan to continue the remedy from my chiropractor. Enjoy your yoga DVD–take it as deliciously slowly as you need to to really get the most out of it!


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