A skullcap of glowing shine

My cedar fever is getting better, although sometimes my nasal membranes still feel on fire and super sensitive. I used a neti pot this morning. After the initial burn and vise-like headache (this is why it hasn’t become habitual!), I felt better.

Started doing a yoga sequence and remembered my chiropractor saying not to do core exercises this week. Trikonasana, triangle, no; eka pada rajakapotasana, pigeon, yes. I am not clear on exactly what is core and what is not, but I’m pretty sure navasana, boat pose, is core.

So I switched to yin yoga, opening eight of the twelve meridians in a 4-asana sequence. That’s as much yin yoga as I know at this point. Ended with savasana.

Then to the zafu! I so love meditating right after yoga. Settling into sukhasana, easy pose, getting my sitting bones grounded just so on the zafu. The chimes ring. Off into body scan!

Feeling the solid flesh-and-blood-and-bone-and-nerve aliveness of each body part, feeling energy moving, opening, blossoming within as my attention moves down my body. My eyes are looking down behind closed lids.

Big breath at end of scan, then eyes to slightly above center, slightly crossed. I have no way of verifying this, but it seems likely that simple eye movement shifts my brain waves to alpha.

Head energy. Brain energy. Midline of brain, corpus callosum. Crown chakra, left side of crown chakra. Third eyeball headlamp. I am wearing a hat made of light.

Now I feel it in my sacrum. Like coming back to earth. Breathe into it. Chimes. Then…I clear a path and do walking meditation.

Back to zafu. I want to go longer. My cat joins me. I probably make it 15 more minutes before aches become too much. Grateful for this day.

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